Scanning of changing speed  vehicles深圳市博赛网络技术有限公司  

   Comparing with the outdated ordinary line scan camera in the traditional system,Broadsec UVSS adopts  new generation  intelligent area scan camera technology. 

    Support vehicle changing speed while scanning -----Built in ISP SPEED DETECTOR (ISD), there for no strict requirement for the speed of the vehicle.The image quality will not be affected no matter vehicle changing speed, or even stop and move. 

    Vehicle speed up to 60 km/h -----Based on ultra high frame rate sensor, together with specially designed ASIC like processor, Broadsec area scan technology makes it possible for UVSS to capture high speed vehicle up to 60 km/h. 

    4096p image resolution ----- High resolution color image allows zoom in to all details in concern.   

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